My Inkin’ Spot

Good Afternoon Stampeders!

Since I have had a few of you asking what type of area I work in I decided to post some pictures of my little work area.  This area used to be our smallest guest room in our home and since it wasn’t used much my husband and I did some redecorating.  I do all of my crafting in this room and I also film my videos.  I will add  a picture of my photo area at a later date.

I designed this room around this Stained Glass accent lamp.  I have two of them and wanted them to flank my desk area.  I am a big fan of Fall and I love the rich burnt orange colors during this specific season so I tailored the room around oranges, deep rich woods and earthy browns.  Below are some highlights of the finished room.

I chose this deep rich Brazilian Cherry flooring for the room.    My husband installed the flooring for me with the help of our doggies Sadie (our Brittany) and Gretchen (our GermanShort-haired Pointer).  I love the warm rich tones in this wood grain.  I always have a cozy feel in this room no matter the time of day.

This is an antique cabinet that has been in my family for over 80 years.  I have not refinished it because I liked the worn look on some of the areas and the history of the past.  I wish I knew the family stories behind the scratches and dents.  I bet they would be very interesting.

I have added a rich Berry accent color with these candles.

I have  two bookcases mounted on top of floor cabinets in Walnut,  one on each side of my desk area.

The black organizers are from Ikea and the beige organizers are from Sizzix.  Stampin’ Up! now carries these in black for die cuts.  That is what I have stored in this picture

I have my laptop and computer below this shelf as shown here.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a stamping demonstration  with Tim Holtz from Ranger Industries this past May at the Mega Meet Convention.  I am so honored that he gave me one of the many samples of tags he demonstrated.  He even signed it too!  Thanks Tim 🙂  I display it on my shelf everyday.

This curio cabinet has a mirror against the back and accent lights in the upper and lower sections.  I always turn these on for a nice glow in the evening.  I use this cabinet to display wood stamps that I have collected over the years.

This is  my desk area where I do most of my cutting and stamping.  It’s not a huge area but I really don’t need it any bigger because I like to stay organized and more room means more mess!!!!

I painted my ceiling the same light beige color and my trim.  I wanted a warm feel and white was too stark for my preference.

Simple wire shelves for storing all my goodies in the closet.

I put the Decor Elements from Stampin’ Up! on an accent wall.  This is the large size Create Definition-Chocolate (Item # 114117) and Large Flutter-Chocolate (set of 23 individual butterflies Item # 117829).    Tape the images on the wall where you want them using painter’s tape.  Take the Applicator (Item # 114285) tool and rub on the wall.    The Decor Elements are very easy to apply.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  See you again soon!

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