Book of Spells- Part 1 “The Cover”

I wanted this book cover to make a mysterious first impression.  The reader should wonder what mystery is within its’ covers and be intrigued to open it.    In my little mind I imagine this book being maintained by a mysterious witch who keeps track of all her potions and formulas for all the clients that come to visit her.  She may even has a few secret spells she chooses to use on her own special victims.

I began by making a paper rosette.  I am sure you have seen these many times but for those readers who have not made one I am sharing the process.  Cut a piece of patterned paper 3/4″ x 12″ and score at every 1/4″ across the long 12″ edge.  Accordion fold across the entire piece and press to crease all the folds.


Glue the to ends together with liquid glue or hot glue.  You can also use Score Tape or Sticky Strip.  You want an adhesive that holds securely.

Punch out a 3/4″ circle out of scrap paper for the flower base.   Add glue to the entire circle.  Hot glue works well for this step.   With the wrong side up, press the piece down onto your work surface.  Scrunch it up to a tight circle and add the circle base.  Hold until the glue sets.


Ink the edges lightly with Distress Ink.  For my flower I used Tea Dye.

  I also swiped the top of the flower directly across a black stamp pad in a few spots for a random look.

Add a nice button or brad for a center embellishment.  I chose an antique brad from Stampin’ Up!  Hot glue holds metal very securely.

This is my finished paper rosette.

I chose a medium-sized Prima paper flower (Parlor Petals-East Lake) and added some purple glitter on the edges of the petals.  Even a witch needs a touch of girlie glitter!

I cut a few slivers of patterned paper and curled them with my fingers.  These will be added to the final floral arrangement to soften the look.

I found this wonderful clip art by searching the internet for free clip art images.  I thought this moon would be perfect.  All witches do their spells during the full moon right?  Cut out the image and distress the edges with the blades of the scissors.


Use Distress Ink in Tea Dye around the edges of the moon.  I also added a touch of ink on the back too.

Place all the embellishments onto the front cove.  Continue arranging them until you like the effect.  You can also take a digital picture at this time so you do not forget your placement.  Begin gluing down all the pieces one at a time.  I began with the black rhinestones.  These are from my Stampin’ Up! stash.


Continue with the white gauze for a background layer.

Next add the flowers using hot glue or heavy-duty glue dots.  I actually used both adhesives for this project.  I also decided to add a touch of Tea Dye Distress Ink to a few spots on the gauze.  Have to keep it grungy too because it is for Halloween.

Mix the Perfect Pearls completely and dip a paint brush directly into the bottle.

Brush Perfect Pearls on the highlights of the moon images and parts of the book cover.


Glue the moon image onto the cover once completely dry.  I bent the edges up slightly to mold the paper.  This helps give the moon a bit of life.  I also added three of the paper strips nesting them around the embellishments.

I just love the look that perfect pearls give to embellishments and paper!

This is the final cover.  I am really happy how it turned out.  What do you think?

Onto Page 1….check back soon 🙂

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