Delivery Day

Nooo not a baby, well actually I guess it is a baby but not human!  It would honestly be TWO babies because the UPS man just delivered my Silhouette Cameo AND my ink/stamp pad organizer from Organizemore.  Yes I’m a bit slow on the Cameo bandwagon but I wanted to make sure I was purchasing the correct electronic cutter for me.  I do not have a huge craft room so My Inkin’ Spot doesn’t have much room to store tons of product.  I really like the online store aspect of cutting file choices instead of buying cartridges and storing them.  I have just popped open the box and I bet I won’t sleep tonight dreaming of all the things I can design and cut with this baby!

Onto the organizer…..let me just say AMAZING!  This was worth the wait.  It took 5 weeks from ordering to receipt but the fact that it is individually handmade…love it so much.  I always try to support some one else’s business if I can and this company has some great organizing products.  I am going to mount this onto my wall using the heavy-duty hooks that are attached onto the back of the organizer.  Now I really can see the colors of ink pads/re-inkers/markers I have.  No more flipping through my drawers trying to find a specific color.  I will soon have two additional drawers since this organizer frees up that space by storing 48 ink pads.  Thank goodness!  I do not own every re-inker for each stamp pad color so I will store the respective Stampin’ Write Markers in those empty spots.  I am leaning toward arranging the color order from lightest to darkest instead of in the Stampin’ Up! Color Collections.  If any of you have this organizer and have a suggestion please comment.  I’d love to hear your opinions 🙂


I can’t imagine seeing all those pretty colors peeking at me throughout my day.  Soooo exciting!


Needless to say, I am off to organize.  I will be back to show you the finished product soon!

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