Introducing the YouTube Art and Crafts Collaboration

Good Morning!

Today is a very very exciting day.  Within the past few weeks I have been participating in the planning of the new idea to do a Monthly Hashtag (#) Collaboration on YouTube.  Let’s give credit where credit is due shall we?  It is the brainstorm of YouTube Content Creator Cinnamon Cooney The Art Sherpa.  Great idea Cinnamon!  I have always struggled trying to find other YouTube Creators with some of my art and craft interests.  This idea brings us all together and the viewing community as well.  That makes me so very happy 🙂

How does this idea work?…this is the plan.

Each month participating artists and crafters will be uploading a video with a specific hashtag (#) associated to that month only.  Along with that hashtag will be a theme as well.  When a viewer goes to YouTube and adds that hashtag to the search bar at the top of the screen, they will see all the participators grouped into one area for your viewing pleasure.  The content will be a wide range of talent including, painting, knitting, clay, scrapbooking, bookmaking, glass art, etc.  SO much to enjoy.  You will always be able to view past hashtags indefinitely too.  Just use the YouTube search area and hit enter….voila!  Vids galore 🙂

July 2015 has the #lovesummerart for the kickoff.  I am doing a mini album for my Grandson Eli.  I explain why I chose this for my theme in my introduction in the video below.  I hope you watch.  I am doing a 3 part speed video of this project from beginning to end.  I used up some inventory in my craft studio.  The papers I used are listed in the video description box.  I hope you subscribe so you don’t miss next month’s # assignment.

See you soon and thanks in advance for all your support!

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