Keeping Busy Over Here

Good Afternoon!

I thought I’d give you a small update on what has been happening around this busy house.

Let me first just say…. UGH Windows 10 upgrade!  It is not working very well on either one of our laptops.  I finally did get an Erin Condren LifePlanner video filmed, edited and uploaded to YouTube the other day,  That was a MAJOR job with this new upgrade.  Both laptops keep freezing up and then a reboot is necessary.  It’s not too beneficial to work that way LOL.  Needless to say, it takes a lot longer to be productive within a timeline.  I’m treading water by using one laptop now since the other laptop can not be turned on any more.  Seems like the power button needs replacing.  Oh well….life’s little mysteries I say!  I miss Windows 7!

I have been keeping up on the doggies health issues.  We had turned the corner on the compromised immune systems for Sadie and Gretchen and then BAM we to a turn backward for a bit.  All is well again and I think we are finally at a very healthy place thank goodness.  I hate to see these babies suffer from itching and lack of sleep.  It’s heartbreaking.

I also want to tell you about the next Creative Arts Collaboration Hashtag collab.  Mark your calendars if you would like to hop onto YouTube and watch hundreds of videos with a new August theme.  It will be a virtual safari of fur, feathers, scales and more!

Dates:  August 20-22, 2015

Theme:  Animal (create any content surrounding animals)

Please share this collab with all your friends.  We would all love you support as we create for this theme.

My YouTube channel is An Inkin’ Stampede.  I have created a playlist for these collaboration themes.  I hope you will subscribe and join us for all the great creative projects that will be shared later this month.  If you haven’t seen last month’s projects from this group you can go to YouTube and put in the #lovesummerart in the search bar.  Here is Part 1 of my July project in case you missed it ….#lovesummerart.

CAC image for blog 2

Have a great day!

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