New Harvest Basket Tutorial

It’s my favorite time of year…. 🍁.  I love to experience the leaves change color and the Cider Mills open.  Who doesn’t want fresh cinnamon donuts and some freshly made apple cider?  YUM.  I even fight the yellow jackets to see those crisp fresh apples setting around in bushel baskets for all of us to enjoy.  This was my inspiration for the project and tutorial I am sharing with you today.

Harvest Basket Tutorial Cover Fall 2015
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I had a great time designing this cute basket too.  It was almost like making a basket with real basket supplies.  Chipboard still amazes me!  I cut out each basket spine, stamped it with a wood grain and attached it to the base.  You can also cover the spines with patterned paper.  It’s so versatile.  I really believe you can change up this look and make it a black cauldron for Halloween or a fun child’s Easter basket.  Let your imagination direct you to a new theme for a basic bushel basket.


The lid is the front and back covers of the album which then self-stores into the basket.  The album has 6 double-sided pages, each supplying a photo flap, a pull-out photo mat and a pocket to store additional photos, tags and ephemera.

I’m making another one with a pumpkin theme.

Harvest Basket

I listed it as an intermediate project but I truly believe that a beginner can do this one.  The basket is not as hard as it looks honestly

🍎 Hope you like today’s project share!

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