New Paper Flowers

0001I was in the mood to play with some bright red Candy Apple cardstock from FSJ this weekend.  I made these paper flowers and I 💙 how they came out!  Now I want to make more colors….what colors would you like to see?  Leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to make them.

Red Heart Petal 1.jpeg

I used this design because the petals reminded me of a heart and since Valentine’s Day is coming next month I thought it would be a nice choice for upcoming DIY projects.  These can be used for scrapbook layouts but they also work great on party favors or embellishing your walls around photos and sentiments, frames, etc.  Here are a few more pics.  I hope you like them!


If you would like to make these flower for yourself I have a direct link to the cut file in the description on Pinterest here

2 thoughts on “New Paper Flowers

  1. I am new to this machine. This will only be the second thing that I have made. Am I missing something, I have everything printed out, but it doesn’t tell me how to assemble the flower.

  2. Hi Penny!
    No you didn’t miss anything. Cricut didn’t have any assembly instructions so I just created my own cut file and designed the flower in this post.

    To make the flowers that I have in this post I curled the two largest sized bottom petal layers down, one middle sized layer curled up, and one small sized layer curled up. To curl the petals I used a bone folder but you can also use your thumb and index finger and they will curl nicely also. I staggered the petals and glued each layer on top of each other with wet glue. Hot glue will also work. I have a quilling tool so the inner center is easier to roll onto itself but doing it with your fingers works too. Begin by rolling that center spiral at the flat end. Keep rolling it onto itself and add a touch of glue throughout the edge here and there. Once you get to the end glue the little attached circle shape onto the bottom. That helps it sit even. Once that center is dry you can attached to the petal layers, centering it. I added a touch of glitter but that is optional.

    I hope this info helps you make the flowers. Have fun with your machine!

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